Paris Fair Prize Book

Plants & Flowers

David & Mary Collins (519-442-6495), Fern Falkiner, Barbara Baumgart, Pat Hasler-
Watts, Edith Buck, Carol Reansbury, Anne Vernon, Doug Hanna

Read your prize list carefully, and check that your entry tags have the right class and section number for which you are entering.

One entry per section.

Officials will exercise every care to safeguard the property of exhibitors, but no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage.

Committee has the right to refuse any entry with disease and/or insect infestation and reserves the right to remove any wilted or dead flowers. 

The Garden Clubs of Ontario and the Ontario Horticultural Association "Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Floral Design and Horticulture" will be the accepted guide for judges and exhibitors.

Points will be awarded to exhibitors as follows: 1st - 5; 2nd - 3; 3rd - 2.

In the event of a tie, 1st will be given 1 extra point. If tie remains, 2nd will be given 1 extra point.



All flowers, sections 1-62 inclusive, MUST BE GROWN BY THE EXHIBITOR.

Exhibitors are requested to provide suitable containers that are not apt to tip, with all labels removed.

Specimens should stand erect. Wide-mouth containers should not be used. The length of a gladiolus spike should not exceed 20" from the bottom of the bloom to the bottom of the stem.

Hosta leaves are measured across the width of the leaf.

Prizes: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.50, 3rd: $2.50

1. Asters, 3 stems, pompon or spider variety. 

2. Asters, 3 stems, ball or shaggy variety. 

3. Asters, 3 stems, pincushion or crested variety. 

4. Asters, 3 stems, single variety. 

5. Asters, 3 stems, dwarf variety under 3". 

6. Calendula, 3 blooms, any variety. 

7. Cleome, 1 stem, any colour. 

8. Coleus, 2 stems, any variety. 

9. Coneflower, 3 stems, any variety. 

10. Cosmos, 5 sprays, any colour. 

11. Dahlia, 1 bloom, 6" and over, any variety. 

12. Dahlia, 1 bloom, under 6", any variety. 

13. Dahlia, 3 blooms, under 4", any variety. 

14. Dahlia, 3 blooms, under 2", any variety. 

15. Dahlia collection, not less than 5 blooms. 

16. Daisies collection of one or more varieties of daisy like flowers. 

17. Geraniums, 3 stems with foliage, red. 

18. Geraniums, 3 stems with foliage, pink. 

19. Geraniums, 3 stems with foliage, any other colour. 

20. Gladioli, 1 spike, white, any variety. 

21. Gladioli, 1 spike, red, any variety. 

22. Gladioli, 1 spike, pink or salmon, any variety. 

23. Gladioli, 1 spike, orange, any variety. 

24. Gladioli, 1 spike, lavender or mauve, any variety. 

25. Gladioli, 1 spike, yellow, any variety. 

26. Gladioli, 1 spike, purple, any variety. 

27. Gladioli, 1 spike, any other colour not listed, any variety. 

28. Grasses, ornamental, 5 grass like stems, plain or variegated, any variety. 

29. Herb collection, 5 or more cut specimens, named. 

30. Hosta, 3 blooms any variety. 

31. Hosta, 3 leaves, miniature leaf under 2", any variety. 

32. Hosta,1 leaf, small leaf under 6", plain, any variety. 

33. Hosta,1 leaf, small leaf under 6", variegated, any variety. 

34. Hosta, 1 leaf, large over 6", plain, any variety. 

35. Hosta, 1 leaf, large over 6", variegated, any variety. 

36. Hosta collection, 3 leaves, plain, any variety. 

37. Hosta collection, 3 leaves, variegated, any variety. 

38. Hydrangea, 1 bloom, cone shape, any variety. 

39. Hydrangea, 1 bloom, ball shape, any variety. 

40. Marigold, 3 stems, miniature under 1/2", any variety. 

41. Marigold, 3 stems, small under 3", any variety. 

42. Marigold, 3 stems, large over 3", any variety. 

43. Petunias, 3 sprays, single, any variety. 

44. Petunias, 3 sprays, double, any variety. 

45. Rose, 1 bloom, Hybrid Tea, any colour. 

46. Rose, 1 spray, Floribunda and/or Grandiflora, any colour. 

47. Rose,1 spray, Shrub, any colour. 

48. Rose,1 spray, Climbing, any colour. 

49. Rose,1 spray, Miniature, any colour. 

50. Rose, 1 bloom, floated in a suitable container. 

51. Salvia, 3 spikes, red. 

52. Salvia, 3 spikes, any other colour. 

53. Sedum, 3 stems, Autumn Joy variety. 

54. Sedum, 3 stems, any other variety. 

55. Snapdragons, 3 spikes, under 12", any colour. 

56. Snapdragons, 3 spikes, over 12", any colour. 

57. Sunflower, 1 bloom, under 6", any variety. 

58. Sweet Peas, 3 stems. 

59. Tuberous Begonia, 1 bloom, with foliage floating in water. 

60. Zinnias, 3 blooms, small flowered under 2", any colour. 

61. Zinnias, 3 blooms, large flowered over 2", any colour. 

62. Zinnia collection, 5 blooms, any colour(s). 


HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in Cut Flowers sections 1-62: Rosette and $50 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.

JUDGES CHOICE for Outstanding Cut Flower sections 1-62: Rosette and $20 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.

JUDGES CHOICE for Best Hosta sections 31-37: Rosette and $20 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.


Sections 63-93 inclusive, MUST BE THE WORK OF THE EXHIBITOR. Flowers and foliage used in floral designs may be obtained from any source (garden or commercial). No artificial materials or accessories are allowed unless noted. 

Prizes: 1st: $8, 2nd: $6, 3rd: $5 - Unless otherwise noted

63. "Wee Pixie" miniature arrangement using fresh flowers, not to exceed 5" in any direction. 

64. "Hidden Treasures" miniature arrangement using dried flowers, not to exceed 5" in any direction. 

65. "Tom Thumb" small arrangement, flowers and container not to exceed 10" in any direction. 

66. "Tea Time" a design in a cup and saucer, all round design. 

67. "Sugar & Spice" arrangement in a sugar bowl, all round design. 

68. "Three of a Kind" a design using 3 stems, same variety with own foliage, accessories permitted. 

69. "Gracefully Simple" an arrangement using 1 flower with foliage of your choice. 

70. Mixed flowers, arranged in a basket, front view, to contain at least 3 varieties. 

71. "Hiking Trail" an arrangement using weathered wood and wildflowers. 

72. "Blushing Beauty" an arrangement of flowers in shades of pink in a suitable container. 

73. "Indian Summer" an arrangement using seasonal flowers. 

74. "Paddy's Choice" a design using foliage only. 

75. "Grandma's Favourite" an arrangement in an "antique container". 

76. "Morning Cheer" a two colour arrangement in a kitchen utensil. 

77. "Old Man Winter" an arrangement of white flowers suitable for a dining room table. 

78. "Reflections" a water design using a suitable container. 

79. "Squirrel Harvest" an arrangement of flowers using nuts and/or cones. 

80. "Echoes" a dried arrangement using flowers, grasses, pods, seeds and branches. 

81. "Bouquet Garni" an arrangement made from herbs. 

82. "Victorian Christmas" mantel arrangement with one or more candles, accessories permitted. Prizes: 1st: $20, 2nd: $15, $10 Donated by the St. George Garden Club. 

83. "Sunny Disposition" an arrangement using sunflowers. 

84. "Cats" an arrangement which includes cattails. 

85. "Harvest Moon" an arrangement using seasonal flowers and grains. 

86. "Stoney Fields" a floral design using rocks and stones, your interpretation. 

87. "Rockets Red Glare" your interpretation. 

88. "Wind Swept" an arrangement using foliage only. 

89. "Welcome Baby" arrangement using pastel flowers in a suitable container, accessories allowed. 

90. "These Boots Are Made For Walking" an arrangement in a shoe or boot. 

91. "Spooky Surprise" a Hallowe'en arrangement, accessories allowed. 

92. "Horn of Plenty" a harvest arrangement using horn of plenty. Prizes: 1st: $20, 2nd: $15, 3rd: $10 Donated by the St. George Garden Club. 

93. "Coronation Celebration" an arrangement celebrating the coronation of King Charles III, accessories allowed. 


HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in Floral Designs sections 63-93: Rosette and $50 donated by Glen Morris Horticultural Society.

JUDGES CHOICE for Outstanding Floral Design sections 63-93: Rosette and $20 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.

JUDGES CHOICE for Most Original Floral Design sections 63-93: Rosette and $20 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.


Sections 94-113 inclusive, MUST have been in the possession of the exhibitor for the last three months. All plants must be potted, and NOT hanging. All containers are NOT to exceed 10" in diameter unless otherwise specified. 

Prizes: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.50, 3rd: $2.50

94. African Violet, any variety, single crown, any colour. 

95. Baby Tears. 

96. Begonia, tuberous, any variety. 

97. Cactus, any columnar variety. 

98. Cactus, any clumping variety. 

99. Cactus Garden. 

100. Coleus. 

101. Fern, not hanging, any variety. 

102. Geranium, not hanging, any variety, any colour. 

103. Herb, named, 1 cultivar, any variety. 

104. Impatiens Plant, not hanging, any variety. 

105. Indoor planter, to contain not less than three plants, container not to exceed 18". 

106. Orchid. 

107. Philodendron. 

108. Succulent, any variety, not a cactus. 

109. Terrarium. 

110. Trough garden, not to exceed 16". 

111. Any other flowering plant not listed, not hanging. 

112. Any other foliage plant not listed, not hanging. 

113. Collection of house plants, named, 3 varieties, on a tray, not to exceed 24". 


HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in Potted Plants sections 94-113: Rosette and $50 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.

JUDGES CHOICE for Outstanding Potted Plant sections 94-113: Rosette and $20 donated by Paris Horticultural Society.


Bella Sayles Memorial Trophy awarded perpetually for the highest points accumulated in show, donated by the late Patti and Ken Collins. This perpetual trophy will remain on display in the fair hall. The winner will receive an annual plaque.

HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in show: $50 gift card donated by Walter's Greenhouse, Paris.

SECOND HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in show: $30 gift card donated by Walter's Greenhouse, Paris.

THIRD HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in show: $20 gift card donated by Walter's Greenhouse, Paris.

HIGHEST POINTS accumulated in show by a First Time Exhibitor: $25 donated by SK Hanna's Lawn Maintenance.

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