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Join the 2023 Paris Fair as a volunteer to make a difference, gain experience, and contribute to the celebration of local agriculture and community in Paris, ON.

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Join Our Team: Volunteer with us!

Our dedicated volunteers are essential in promoting local agriculture and creating memorable events. With diverse opportunities available, you can gain valuable experience, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the spirit of our town. Join us today and make a lasting impact on our community.

Why Volunteer at The Society?

Earn Volunteer Hours

Gain Leadership Experience

High-School Students Opportunities

Expand your Professional & Personal Network

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Join our community of volunteers on the by completing the registration form. Share your details, choose preferred activities, and specify availability.

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Volunteer with us.

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Prize Book

Explore the Paris Fair Prize Book, featuring a multitude of potential prizes awaiting your talents. Dive in today and envision your victory!

2024 Ambassador

Deadline August 15th

Embrace the traditional role of the Paris Agricultural Society Ambassador. Inspire future generations and connect with leaders within our community. Apply today for this prestigious opportunity to cultivate a brighter future!

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