Paris Fair Prize Book

Crafts & Hobbies

Cinnamon Fielding, Shirley & Donald Caron, Nancy & Ben Depew, Emma Fielding, Margaret & Jim Fielding, Karen & Lisa Madden, Theresa Farmer, Chris Ford, Shelley Conliffe, Janice Robinson Lewis

CRAFT: a special art or skill.

HOBBY: something you like to do in your spare time.

One item per section.

Bring a descriptive list to collect your items.

Exhibits in sections 1-58 must be new work of the exhibitor and not previously shown. 

If a description is required use a 3"x5" index card.

All pictures, hangings, etc. must be wired to hang.

Collections, Nostalgia and Antique sections open to AMATEURS ONLY - no professional dealers.


BEST IN SHOW (sec 1-58): $45 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.

Prizes: 1st: $7, 2nd: $6, 3rd: $5


Handmade Sampler, using a variety of stitches.

2. A piece of Fibre Art.

3. A Sock toy.

4. A Bargello piece.

5. A stuffed toy.

6. A hand woven piece.

7. Handmade hot water bottle cover.

  BEST CRAFT (sec 1-9): $30 donated by Mary Maxim Ltd., Paris.

8. Jewellery, handmade piece or set.

9. Chalk board art.

10. Ceramics, 1 piece, kiln glazed.

11. Ceramics, 1 piece, hand painted.

12. Clay pottery, 1 piece, handmade.

13. Stain glass sun catcher (ready to hang).

14. SPECIAL: An article of macrame. Prizes: 1st: $25, 2nd: $15, 3rd: $10 donated by Women Inspiring Women Institute, Paris.

BEST CRAFT (sec 8-13): $30 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.



Include a description of material and technique written on index card.

15. Garden art, using recycled material.

16. Recycled metal, functional or decorative.

17. Recycled glass, functional or decorative.

18. Recycled china, functional or decorative.

19. Recycled fabric, functional or decorative (not a quilt).

BEST RECYCLING (sec 13-17): $30 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.


One page, mounted with 1" border

20. Adult colouring page, travel.

21. Adult colouring page, flowers.

22. Adult colouring page, pets.

23. Adult colouring page, any other theme.



Mounted or Framed

24. A picture using Diamond Dot technique, scene.

25. A picture using Diamond Dot technique, animals.

26. A picture painted with paint by number, instructions attached. 


BEST COLOURING & PAINTING (sec 20-26): $30 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.


No envelopes, no stamping in sec 24-31, no tape, paperclip entry tag to the card.

Card size: 6" to 8" in height only.


27. A card using colour on colour (ex pink on pink).

28. Card using shaker technique.

29. 21st Birthday card.

30. Birth of a Baby card.

31. Graduation card.

32. Retirement card.

33. Gender reveal party invitation.

34. Card from scraps.



35. Stamped bookmark.

36. Save the Date card.

37. Paper Bunting - no longer than 2 meters. 

BEST CARD (sec 27-37): $30 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.


38. Cursive written quote (printed below), on 8.5"x11" page, MUST BE MOUNTED.


To swift for those who fear,

To slow for those who wait,

To long for those who grieve,

To short for those who rejoice,

But for those who love,

Time is eternity.

39. Cursive written piece your choice, 8".5x11" page, MUST BE MOUNTED.

40. Calligraphy piece, 8.5"x11" page, MUST BE MOUNTED.

BEST PENMANSHIP (sec 38-40): $30 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.


41. Christmas door decoration (ready to hang).

42. Christmas bag, fabric.

43. Christmas tree ornament, silver or gold (ready to hang).

44. Advent calendar (ready to hang).

45. Pop up Christmas card.

BEST CHRISTMAS (sec 41-45): $30 in memory of Muriel McCullough donated by Cheryl Muir.



46. Table runner Thanksgiving theme.

47. Autumn wreath.

48. 2 napkin holders for Thanksgiving table.



49. Any craft using a heart shape.

50. Small gift box, artistically wrapped.

51. Valentine theme colouring, 1 page.



52. Handmade Easter card.

53. Handcrafted birdhouse/feeder.

54. Collection of 3 painted rocks.

BEST SEASONS (sec 46-54): $30 donated by Kindred Spirits Artisans of Paris.


55. Wood, article made of recycled pallet.

56. Wood, hand carving.

57. Wooden cane or walking stick.

58. Wooden game (ex Jenga, Tic Tac Toe ect).

BEST WOODWORKING (sec 46-54): $50 Gift Card donated by Home Building Centre, Paris.



Securely display items on a flat surface no larger than 15"x15".

59. Display of Gnomes.

60. Display of Salt & Pepper shakers.

61. Display of Post Cards.

62. Display of ladies scarves.

63. Display of fridge magnets.

64. Display of slogan buttons.

65. Display of Hummel figurines.

66. Display of miniature toy cars.

BEST COLLECTION (sec 59-66): $25 donated by PAS Homecraft Division.  


Approximately 40-50 years old - NOT ANTIQUES


67. School Bell.

68. Prom picture, dated & mounted.

69. Class picture, dated & mounted.

70. Lunch pail.

71. Pencil case.

72. Graduation picture, dated & mounted.

73. Reader.

74. Yearbook.

75. School sweater/jacket.

76. School award.

BEST NOSTALGIA (sec 67-76): $30 donated by Jerry McAughey, Paris.


Attach if available a historical note giving approximate age, anecdote, etc. 

Neatly written on an index card for display with entry.

  • Antiques are to be at least 75 years old.
  • Articles should be from family of exhibitor.
  • Exhibitor tag must be security fastened before display.
  • Articles will be removed from the display area by C&H members only.

NOTE: All entries are exhibited at the owner's risk.


77. Picture of Ancestors framed or mounted, no larger than 16".

78. Butter bowl.

79. Bible.

80. Deed, framed or mounted.

81. Sickle.

82. Shaving mug

83. Scrub board.

84. Rolling pin.

85. Small farm tool.

86. Piece of family jewellery (short history).

87. Piece of granite kitchenware.

88. Covered serving dish.

89. Stump the judge, mystery item no larger than 20"x20" (please include note to identify).

BEST ANTIQUE (sec 77-89): $30 donated by Jerry McAughey, Paris.