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All Canadian Events has established itself as a leader in the event management industry by focusing on the passion and spirit of each of its clients and participants. Founded in Paris Ontario in 2009 by Christine, it was created to help engage the community by bringing them together, provide exposure for new artists, help small businesses grow, and create opportunities for local families to thrive.

All Canadian Events has certainly done this and continues to grow in areas of entertainment and marketplace. At every event they promise to stay in tune to what their initial vision was; supporting crafters and artists. Therefore, whether it is a Countryfest, A Musicfest or a Market, you will always find a designated Marketplace where you are encouraged to visit.

All Canadian Events is proud to be a family owned and operated business that works hard to inject a level of spirit and energy into small towns and big cities alike. Bringing a level of class and entertainment like no other professional in the industry can, we make every event a series of unforgettable moments in a space of opportunity and joy.

We welcome you to visit our uplifting way of amusement, leisure and of course shopping!
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Our versatile rental facilities, providing the perfect setting for a wide range of events and gatherings. From intimate meetings to grand celebrations, our well-equipped spaces are designed to meet your needs.