Paris Fair Contests

Pet Show

Sarah Monahan, Jennifer Tucker-Kelley, Nadine Ilett

Friday, September 1st - Registration 1:00 p.m. Show Starts 1:30 p.m. All classes are to follow consecutively.

Location: TBD

Open to all children 14 years and under at the time of the Show. Pets must be vaccinated as required for that animal. Animals MUST be restrained and under control at all times. Children to show their pet unassisted by an adult.

Thank you to our Sponsors: Ayr Home Hardware, Paris Vet Clinic, Paris Pet Valu, and The Paris Dog Parlolur.


Prizes: 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.50, 3rd: $1.25, 4th: $1.00

1. Pet which most resembles 2023 Ambassador.

2. Pet which most resembles the PAS President (picture in front of book).

3. Best matched pair of same animals.

4. Most exotic live pet.

5. Farm animal pet.

6. Best trick performance. Any pet.


Prizes: 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.50, 3rd: $1.25, 4th: $1.00

7. Largest cat.

8. Cat with the longest whiskers.

9. Fluffiest cat.

10. Most colourful cat.


Prizes: 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.50, 3rd: $1.25, 4th: $1.00

11. Dog with most unique markings.

12. Dog with longest tail.

13. Youngest puppy.

14. Most obedient dog through obstacle course.


Prizes: 1st: $5, 2nd: $3, 3rd: $2

15. SPECIAL: Pet and owner dressed alike.

16. Pet in best decorated vehicle.

SPECIAL: Best Show Person. Judging will be based on the exhibitor's knowledge of their pet based on information gathered during the afternoon. Award donated by the Pet Show Committee of 2023.

The special prize shall not be claimed by the same exhibitor two years in succession.

Please call on our local sponsors when you are looking for supplies or services. Thank you for entering.

Please note our Pet Policy: No pets are allowed on the grounds except during the Pet Show.

Following the show, all pets must be removed from the grounds. For more information ask any Pet Show committee member.

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