2021 Spring Virtual Exhibits

Thank-you to all who entered this season! Winners have been contacted.

Class 1: Quarantine Hobby or Craft

1st Place

Clara Bartscher

Pussy willow made of clay
2nd Place

Lauren O’Nahr

Baking setup in kitchen
3rd Place

Eva Sayles

A homemade skating rink in the upstairs of a barn

Class 2 – Colouring Page

Winner selected by random draw: Chloe Todd (see enlarged page)

Colouring pages

Class 3 – You and Your Pet

1st Place

Charlotte & Cookie Dough

Young girl holding baby goat
2nd Place

Landon & Gruff

Young boy with lizard
3rd Place

Brett, Otto & Dexter

Young boy with dog

Class 4 – Quarantine Hobby or Craft

1st Place

Margaret Collins

Knit socks on tulips
2nd Place

Amanda Henderson

Succulent cross stitch
3rd Place

Tammy Oswick

Tree made of trinkets

Class 6 – Photography: Brant County Sunset

1st Place

Heidi Christ

Sunset with purple flower under a bridge
2nd Place

Michele Stern

3rd Place

Crissy Wright

Scooter at sunset on a skate park