Bella Todd Image1. I have been volunteering with the Paris Agricultural Society since I was 10 years old. I began volunteering in the Junior Baking Department and eventually started doing shifts in the information booth as well! This past January I was elected onto the board as a Junior Director which has been an amazing experience so far!
2. I am currently in Honours Chemistry at the University of Waterloo! After my undergraduate degree, I hope to further my education at the University of Waterloo getting my masters and hopefully my PhD as well!
3. My favourite fair memory is always the Wednesday and Thursday of fair since that is when the entries get dropped off and judged! Growing up I always loved putting entries into the Junior Department, one year I even put in over 100 entries! Each year I also volunteer on entry drop off day and judging day which is my favourite part of the fair! I love seeing the amazing and creative entries people bring to the fair!
4. In my free time I love to hang out with friends, paint, volunteer and watch murder mystery shows with my grandparents! Lately, I have been really into music and enjoy listening to music and making new playlists! Currently I have been really into the 70s and 80s hits!
5. My favourite moment as an ambassador so far has been getting to take the alpacas for a walk before the fairgrounds opened! I got to walk January however at times it felt more like January was walking me! Alpacas are my favourite animal so this definitely was a highlight!